If you want to know which FPV receiver or Fat Shark module has the best range, this page is for you. I used a GoPro to record the actual screens of two Fat Shark HDO goggles while I flew a certain route. Then I invited people to vote on which one was better, without telling them which module they were seeing. I think these are the best FPV receiver test results that have ever been done. They show what you actually see in the screen, unlike DVR or capture cards. And they aren’t tainted by people’s pre-conceived notions of what’s best.


RapidFire consistently beat every module and goggle that went up against it. At this time, RapidFire appears to offer the best RF performance of any module on the market, including ClearView, which is significantly more expensive.

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The OwlRC and True-D modules slightly edge out the next modules on the list. These were not tested against each other to see which is best. Between them, I would personally choose the OwlRC module because it has in-goggle on-screen display to allow changing settings and choosing channel without taking the goggles off your face. However, True-D is more widely available and is pretty consistently in-stock.


The LaForge and Achilles modules were in a dead tie with each other. In one test, LaForge also tied with True-D, however it definitely lost another test, so it gets ranked slightly lower. In my opinion, LaForge’s interface and feature set is the best of any goggle on the market, and it has full in-goggle OSD so you never have to take the goggles off your face to adjust settings and channel. If money is no object, and if you don’t need the absolute best RF performance, then LaForge would be my choice for best overall module. But LaForge is significantly more expensive than most other modules, and many people will choose RapidFire instead, for only slightly more money.

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The Aomway Commander v2 and Skyzone Sky03 goggles did worse than LaForge, and so therefore worse than all the others in the test.

The Eachine EV200 goggles did worse than RapidFire, but were not tested against any other modules in the test. The goggles were tested with the quad-versity receivers and two omni, and two patch antennas. Further testing is needed to decide if EV200 is better than other modules.

ClearView Module lost to RapidFire in every test. Since it is more than twice the price of RapidFire, it really needs to win every test decisively to be considered, and it didn’t.


Full Results

The table below shows the full results. Here’s how to interpret it. People were asked to rank the results on a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 is “strongly prefer the left side”, 3 is, “too close to call / no preference”, and 5 is, “strongly prefer the right side”. The table below shows the outcomes: higher blue bars indicate more votes. If there are more votes on the right side of the graph, the “right-side” module (listed along the top of the table) won. If there are more votes on the left side of the graph, the “left-side” module (listed along the left side of the table) won.

Test Results Table.png