Short-and-Sweet: Foxeer Box Review

Haven't got 20 minutes to watch my full review of the Foxeer Box? I gotcha back. Here's my Short-and-Sweet review.

Video quality of the Box is acceptable. If you liked the Legend 3, it's actually the same internals. If you are super-picky about your video, you should compare for yourself because various people preferred various things about both the GoPro and the Box, but if you're the average pilot, you probably will be happy with the Box. The Box is also the first non-GoPro action cam to have a microphone that was half-decent. The GoPro is still better, but the Box is okay.

Here are the things that set the Box apart from the Hero5 Session:

  • Box is not waterproof. The door that covers the ports doesn't seem like it would stand really any submersion.
  • Box doesn't have proper Superview. It just does a linear stretch which doesn't look the best.
  • Box battery life is shorter than GoPro's. In my test, the brand new Box lasted about 30 minutes recording at 1080p30. Just today, I lost my months-old GoPro in the grass and it was still recording 40 minutes later when I found it.
  • Box does not have any external display to show status or change settings.
  • Box lacks Protune Flat. If you're serious about post-production and color grading, there is no substitute for a GoPro.
  • Box has micro-HDMI output built in. Session requires an adapter to plug into the USB-C port.
  • The final thing that separates the Box from a GoPro is that, at least if you're in the U.S., you can get a warranty for the GoPro from Best Buy or (if you buy from Amazon) Assurion. This is the deciding factor for many people because it's basically guaranteed that we are going to break our camera eventually. By the time you have replaced the GoPro a few times, you've saved money compared to buying a whole Box out of pocket.

One last thought: if you only intend to shoot at 1080p60 or less, then you have to take a serious look at the Hero Session (formerly the Hero4). It has most of the great features of the Hero5, including amazing sound quality and ProTune, and it can be purchased refurbished for only $140.

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