Dshot Motor Beeper Warning!

Betaflight 3.2 lets you use your motors as a beeper, instead of having to install a piezo beeper on your quad. But there are a couple of gotchas.

Some people are smoking their motors by letting the beepers run too long. Using the beeper can make the motors hot, so watch out for this! If you are looking for a lost quad, it's best to beep the motors once or twice then stop, instead of leaving them beeping for a long time.

Some people prefer the standard beeper, and asked for a way to tell Betaflight, "don't do that motor beeper thing." Betaflight RC6 added a CLI option to set Dshot beeper strength, or even disable it completely. This can also fix the "hot motors" problem. The command is:

set beeper_dshot_beacon_tone = 1

A value of 0 disables the Dshot beeper. This is the default. Larger numbers are louder, but are more likely to make your motors hot or even damage them.