Runcam Split Short-And-Sweet Review

The Split is an amazing product, even if it isn't the perfect product for everybody. The video quality is exceptional. And it saves a massive amount of weight compared to almost every other HD camera you would use. The price of the Split means you are essentially getting a free FPV camera, for the price of the HD camera. Finally, placing the HD camera where the FPV camera usually goes gives it more protection.

Fatal Features

Here are the fatal features that might cause you to reject the Split. If none of these apply to you, I think you should seriously consider it for your next build.


The Split's latency is too high for some pilots. For a detailed discussion of FPV camera latency, check out Oscar Liang's site. Paul Nurkkala called the Split's latency "unflyable". Personally, I don't find it too objectionable, but that probably says more about my slow reflexes than it does the camera. And if you really care, you can always install a RunCam Micro in the copter for FPV and use the Split as the lightest HD cam you'll ever find.

Props in view

If you mount the Split in the usual locations for an FPV cam, you will likely see props and/or standoffs in the HD footage. If you have a frame that puts the camera on top of the stack, like the QQ190 or the Krieger, you may not see the props, assuming you have enough uptilt. Some people are 3D printing custom mounts to put the Split up where the GoPro usually goes, which also solves this problem. Some pilots are installing a lens with a narrower FOV, but this isn't a good solution to me, because it means your FPV camera view will be too narrow. And who wants to see a narrow-FOV HD camera shot anyway?


The Split really wants to be mounted in the stack. If you have a low-deck design like the Chameleon, or if you are using a big stack like the TBS PowerCube, you probably don't have room to put the Split in the stack.

advanced features

Finally, if you know for a fact that you want the more advanced features of another camera, 2.7k or 4k resolution, higher frame rate, ProTune, and so forth, obviously the Split is not for you.

I made a few other small complaints about the Split in my review, but honestly, these are the only ones that I think would really be 100% a deal-breaker.

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