Betaflight 3.2 Is Almost Here and It's Amazing

Release Candidates for Betaflight 3.2 started coming out this week. An RC means that no new features will be added to the code before release, and the code will become the official release if no bugs are found. You can now install Betaflight 3.2 from the configurator by enabling the "show unstable versions" option in the Fimrware Firmware Flashing tab. This is the most critical time for finding the last lingering bugs before release, so make sure to report anything you find!

Betaflight 3.2 adds some really exciting new features, including:

  • Dynamic notch filter. Automatically tunes the notch filter to perfectly match your noise profile. Motors stay cool. Great propwash handling. No more, "break a prop and smoke a motor," situations.
  • Support for Dshot1200. This is the first Dshot protocol to be faster than Multishot under every condition. Only BLHeli_32 and KISS ESCs can do Dshot1200 though, so stick with Dshot600 on BLHeli_S and older.
  • Anti-turtle mode. Quad crashed on its head? Get back in the race by temporarily reversing the motors to flip it over. Also useful for pushing the quad out of trees. Requires BLHeli firmware 16.66 "Dshot Commands". This mode is referred to as "Dshot Motor Reversing" in the Modes tab.
  • Runcam Split control. Connect the Runcam Split to a UART to remote-control it.
  • Improved Horizon mode, allows graceful flips and inverted floats.
  • FPV camera OSD control. Change FPV camera settings directly from your transmitter.
  • Crash detection and recovery. Automatically senses when you're crashing and tries to flip the quad back upright before you hit the ground. (Experimental! Not enabled by default.)
  • Tons of additions to the OSD, including showing WHY the quad is refusing to arm and showing the blackbox log serial number in the summary screen.