Shake-up in the Ultimate FPV Shopping List motors section

The Motors section of my Ultimate FPV Shopping List is one of the hardest ones to keep up to date. Here are some new motors that I've added, and a few that I've let go.

The Armattan Oomph seems to be out of production. Armattan's new 2306 Titan motor is probably solid, but ... I don't know. I'm just not feeling it. In the same vein, the Returner R3 has been cut because it doesn't seem to be made any more. This one hurt because I really loved that motor for racing, and at around $17 it wasn't too expensive.

The RCX NK2306 replaced the Returner R3 as my mid-price racing motor. The RCX was one of the only race-focused motors I could find that fit into the $14-$20 range that I consider mid-priced. RCX motors have traditionally performed on par with much more expensive ones. Ryan Harrell showed me a response curve for the RCX2206 vs. the HypeTrain, and ... they were literally the same. I'm really looking forward to seeing results for RCX's new 2207, because my gut feeling is that the response curve of the 2207 is better for racing than 2306. But you take a 2700kv version of either motor and it's going to rip.

T-Motor released an updated version of their F40 Pro, which is my top-of-the-line racing motor. The F40 Pro II has an open bottom to save weight, and a few other cosmetic improvements, including three different colors.

I was thrilled to learn that RaceDayQuads' BadAss 2205/2450kv was an OEM version of the Returner R2. I flew the R2 on the Catalyst Machineworks Norris Superlight and was amazed at the 6 to 7 minute flight times I got.

Finally, I found an excuse to add a Hyperlite motor to the Shopping List. Piroflip is an amazing vendor and you could literally find a Hyperlite motor for any of your quads, from 4" to 6" props. The specific one I picked is the V2 2205/2300kv, as a mid-priced all rounder.

Links to all these motors are in the Ultimate FPV Shopping List.