In my Ultimate FPV Shopping List, I have a lot of products from Banggood. There are some things I should make sure you know before you click the “buy” button on those products.

I think the best way to describe Chinese vendors like Banggood is that if you are careful in what products you buy, you can get about a 6-out-of-10 in quality and features, for about a 3-out-of-10 in price. But every so often, you get a total dud.

You get the wrong product.

The product is not as described.

Or the product dies as soon as you plug it in.

I’ve done my best to weed out bad products in the Ultimate FPV Shopping List, but the risk is always there.

If you’re the kind of person who’ll get really annoyed if, every so often, your exciting new product turns out to be a dud, then maybe shopping at a vendor like Banggood isn’t for you. Banggood does have customer support, and they will usually replace a dud product, but some people would prefer not to have received a dud in the first place.

One more thing: If you select standard shipping, your product will typically take 3-4 weeks to get to you, and maybe longer depending where you are in the world. You can always pay extra for expedited shipping, and sometimes the product is cheap enough that it’s still a bargain.